God Our Lord, Jesus Our Saviour


Mary Mother Of All


Mary Mother of Jesus

Jesus and John

Brothers in God

Mary Mother of Jesus and John

Jesus Brother of all

John Brother of all

Mary Mother of all


Become Like A Child


Unless we become simple as a child

We cannot enter into The Kingdom of God

Not here on Earth nor after leaving this place

We are Children of God

Let us behave like that

Because we have the same

Dear Father

Mary, Mother Of Jesus


Mary, Mother of Jesus Our saviour

Your joy must have been indescribable

Your sorrows has no words

Your blessings like rose petals

Red as the blood from the cross

Yeshua Is Approaching


Yeshua is approaching

He already carries His sacrifice

In His hands

In accordance

With the promise

Gate Of Heaven Is Open


The righteousness of God shall finally reign

All else will be like clouds

Full with rain of tears

But the Lord’s Light

Will shine through the gate

Of Heaven

Oh Jesus


Oh Jesus, I think you prayed a lot

Before you entered this world

Oh Jesus, I think you cried a lot

Before Your Father in Heaven

Oh Jesus, Your heart bled

For all the crying souls

The Revelation On Doomsday


There was a great voice from the sky

Revealing God’s doom

It spoke about

His glorious love

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